Trucks and Trailers

Trucks and Trailers

Offers truck driving challenges: forward, reverse and parallel parking
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Trucks and Trailers is a game for those who enjoy driving games and have decided that small cars are no longer a challenge for them. The game offers 50 individual truck driving challenges and one should enjoy switching between forward, reverse and parallel parking, in different settings, with a huge car.
One will see it that driving a truck is indeed difficult to do, as it seems to most in real life also. Parking manoeuvres can be performed with seven different trucks and various types of cargo. The user will have to manage to park in several designated spots and to deliver cargoes in good condition. Avoiding obstacles and using the lateral mirrors for orientation may prove to be challenging.
The realistic graphics with nicely-worked details are to be appreciated. The background proves to be dynamic, with cars driving by, people walking around and even wild animals occasionally appearing. The controls are intuitive enough, so that things are not more difficult than they should be.
Some players might enjoy less the fact that the game excessively focuses on parking. One will not be driving for long distances, as the only purpose for moving from one place to another is to reach a parking lot and test the developed parking skills. Many gamers enjoy the feeling of driving on long roads, but they should know this game is less about driving and more about parking.
All in all, it is a game for those who want to take the challenge of making manoeuvres on big cars, however they should not expect lots of driving to be involved, just parking.

Margie Smeer
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  • One can choose the truck to operate on.
  • Parking a truck can indeed be challenging


  • The game is mostly about parking, with little driving being involved
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